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Resources of Interest


Website for Classical American Studio Ceramics
Pots, sculptures and works created in clay by American potters from the past and present--we are Vasefinder!



I started Colorado Arts Net with a single vision in mind, to wire arts in the Denver region like the arts have never been wired. That expanded to include all of Colorado and much of New Mexico and Wyoming.

The term "arts" implies scores of amateur and professional fields and a vast range of artistic disciplines therein. The Colorado Arts Net mission is to deliver listings and concise biographical insights covering the widest diversity of the arts.

- Vincent Vin, editor


Everything from art pottery to crocks and bean pots.

Come see one of the finest private collections of Red Wing Pottery in the country.

Founders: Jerry & Louise Schleich
Curators: Steve & Rose Splittgerber


Title: Arts-Directory.org / Antiques
Description: Antiques Web Directory


Antique American art pottery including Roseville, Rookwood, Weller, Van Briggle, Teco, Grueby, Marblehead, Hampshire, Owens, Niloak and related arts and crafts pottery and tiles.